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Creative Attributes

Delusion or self-aware? Is it one or the other?

Creativity is complex; it is part of our uniqueness as problem solving human beings.

However, creativity does not develop in each individual in the same way. Many times, creativity is misunderstood to be limited to specific disciplines or activities. Logic goes, if I am not good at drawing, for instance, I must not be creative. The truth is that we are all creative whether we are capable of drawing, singing, or performing well. Furthermore, creativity exists in every discipline/profession, even in the seemingly uncreative fields of math and science. Yes, balancing your checkbook can even be considered a creative act!

Let's take a look at some of the essential attributes of successful creatives throughout the disciplines. Creativity requires attributes of our humanity that engage one's being: intellectual skills, knowledge, critical thinking, character, motivation, and engagement with external resources.

Intellectual Skills:

  • Conventional and non-conventional modes of thinking

  • In-depth analysis

  • Recognizes ideas worthy of pursuit

Preparation & Knowledge:

  • Gains understanding of the subject and process

  • Effectively interprets information

  • Innovation and Contradiction

Critical Thinking:

  • Recognizes important questions & topics

  • Self Reflection & Honesty

  • Questions and analyzes assumptions


  • Works to overcome obstacles

  • Tolerates ambiguity

  • Takes responsibility for ups and downs in process

  • Integrates failure

  • Flexible commitment


  • Focuses on purpose rather than ego affirmation and/or grade

  • Demonstrates interest in the project/process & develops a personal angle for the project

  • Works to present conclusions and ideas

Engagement with Resources:

  • Employs a variety of sources

  • Collaborates, discusses ideas

  • Integrates feedback

After reviewing these attributes, it is clear that creativity requires our entire human being. In fact, have you ever considered that if your creative attributes are not healthy, maybe your humanity is unhealthy? Is it possible then that working to improve our creative being will inevitability improve our human being? This is exactly what I am proposing! Creativity IS the path to improving our beings. Some even consider our creativity as our soul. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! email me at

Stick around for my next blog post about creativity where I introduce the concept of a holistic creative practice!

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